Are you tied to your vending company?

We can offer you a suberb range of vending equipment without you having to sign a thing !

No Contract Vending

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Because we won't require you to sign a contract for most of our vending services*, you are always able to vary the level of vending we provide, as and when your need to change.

Our prices are some of the most competitive in the industry and always with the personal level of service we provide to our all customers.

  • Just set up an account with Local Vending
  • Get a great machine for your office or business
  • Need more water coolers and water supplies for the summer months?
  • Extra hot drinks or coffee makers for the winter?
  • You can simply rent a water cooler and water supplies for an exhibition or event
  • Free delivery on all vending ingredients and supplies*
  • Perhaps you require extra vending for your offices but don't want another contract?
  • We can provide you with a wide range of services, sometimes at very short notice.

Call 0115 930 8550 and Local Vending could start providing your vending today !

Coffee machines and brewers

Sales, Leasing or Credit *

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Some of our customers prefer to buy their vending machines from us directly or with a lease and / or credit agreement.

Obviously if a lease or credit agreement is entered into for our equipment or services, an agreed contract will be required with Local Vending or an independent credit company.

Local Vending is a Licensed Credit Broker

We are a licensed credit broker and can provide our customers with a range of credit options for those wishing to arrange finance for our vending machines or services.

Please call 0115 930 8550 for more information.

Can and bottle vending

flexible services

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... Supply the vending services the customer wants and be flexible when those vending requirements change.

At Local Vending we can change our level of service as your requirements change. So if you require less vending for a certain period or you require an extra drinks machine for a few weeks, or more water coolers or water deliveries in the hot weather, we can provide exactly the level of service your business needs.

Our flexible approach means that you can plan your vending strategy with confidence knowing that Local Vending can deliver as your needs change, and you can adjust your vending commitment as your business grows or changes.

At Local Vending our success is based on a professional and flexible service that's... just around the corner!

Same day delivery