Here are some of the questions we get asked the most.

The answers aren't definitive so it's better to call Local Vending on 0115 930 8550 and let our knowledgeable staff give you a more complete picture.

Local Vending offer a great range of terrific vending machines and have over 30 Years of advising our customers and helping them decide which options are best for them. We only recommend a vending solution when we fully understand your needs and expectations. We listen first, then recommend some options based on your business, number of staff, premises layout and budget. Call 0115 930 8550 and our knowledgeable staff can help you through all the choices available. You need to work out what type of drinks or snacks you wish to offer, how many potential staff/customers you need to cater for, and any special requirements you may have (water coolers, or different machines in a boardroom etc)

We provide vending machines of all sizes, styles and budgets. From small table-top coffee machines and brewers, to large multiple machine installations, we offer some of the most competitive prices available. However, it all depends on the type of machine you need, and whether you want to buy, lease or rent. For more information about our latest prices and offers, please call us on 0115 930 8550.

This will always be dependent on the amount of staff you have, but can also be skewed by any visitors you may also have. To keep things simple, we usually suggest stocking your machines with three drinks per day, per staff member, however that could be at least 4-5 cups a day if a machine is on free vend!

Not necessarily, all our machines need is a normal power socket and a reasonably close water supply for machines that require one (We can also supply drinks machines that don't need to be plumbed-in). Not all machines require the same things, however, Local Vending can carry out all the installation and connecting to the water supply (if required). We can also advise and assist you in creating the best location for your vending.

Traditional vending is when the drinks ingredients are stored, prepared, mixed and made inside the machine. You may have experienced a cup of weak coffee when the ingredients start to run out! 'In-cup' is completely different. All the ingredients are measured and sealed in the cup, which means the taste and quality is very consistent. The machine simply adds water so it’s very easy to refill and maintain and can be more hygienic.

Once a problem has been brought to our attention, our goal is to have a service technician to your business location within 24 hours. Keeping our customers happy and your vending machines operating properly is our #1 priority. No-one should be without tea or coffee for too long!

At Local Vending we won't try and get you to sign a lengthy contract for your vending machines or supplies. Our aim is to supply you with exactly the vending you need, when you need it.
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Just call us before 10am ( or leave a telephone message anytime before 10am) and we guarantee getting your vending supplies to you before the end of the day.
You must be in our normal vending area to receive this service.
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Yes. We have a range of options that include vending machine sales, leasing or renting. Simply call 0115 930 8550 for full details.

Unfortunately we can't get you out of the normally 3-5 year contract other vending companies get you to sign. We can provide you with any new vending you require (as long as your present contract permits) and take over when your contract ends.

We have many customers that require different levels of vending at different times of the year. From providing extra water coolers in the summer and extra hot drink and coffee machines in the cooler times of the year, we can provide extra vending when required, call 0115 930 8550.

Our advice is that you need to be concentrating on your business, not your vending. Don't sign a contract for your vending it could prove overbearing, you could try our No Contract Vending. If you need anything it's a reliable and economic hot drinks or coffee machine. Nothing gets done without a regular supply of good tea and coffee! We can provide simple machines that can get you started and more advanced machines once your income allows.

This depends on your requirements. We can supply some machines at very short notice but others will require a process time of several weeks. Our staff can talk you through the options and will speed you through the process as quickly as possible. In an emergency we will always try and provide you with help, whenever we can.