AA Water Fountain WFT6

Water Fountain and Cooler

POU (plumbed) water fountain.

26 litres per hour water fountain.

POU (plumbed) water fountain.

AA WFT6 Water fountain

Durable and Reliable, high capacity 26 litre per hour fountain (from 20°C influent temperature to 10°C dispensing temperature) with push button Glass Filler and Bubbler.

A direct chill/pressure cooler with the cooling capacity you want and the improved hygiene you are looking for.

Stainless steel livery.

  • At an influent water temperature of 20ºC the ArcticChill 88 offers below 10ºC with an hourly capacity of 26 litres.
  • Glass Filler and Bubbler.
  • Stainless steel livery will look good in your office, or workplace
  • Push button
Dimensions (w x h x d) 305 x 1015 x 305 mm
Glass filler height 290 mm
Weight 25.6 Kg

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