Seaga SP440D

4 Wide Refrigerated Dual Zone Lite Combination Vending Machine

Versatile combination vending.

High capacity machine with nearly 400 products for sale.

Seaga SP440D 4 Wide Combination Vending Machine

Don’t sacrifice variety to save space! At only 73cm deep, the SP440D fit easily through narrow doors and provides a slim profile whilst maintaining a great showcase for your products.

Expanding the variety of products showcased by the brilliant LED lighting found standard in the SP440D, the 4-wide model has standard accommodation for 8 drink options in bottle or can form and 32 selections for pastry, crisps, confectionery or chocolate. In total, model SP440D has a capacity of 392 products.

With a greater variety of offerings and the stunning point of sale display on the SP440D is "certain to attract more attention and sales in any location". It's capacity will ensure more satisfaction from even the most demanding locations and less service trips for the machine operator.

  • Slim profile (depth) an asset in many small or narrow locations.
  • Fantastic range of varying selections and sales choices.
  • Maximum possible selections 48.
  • 8 bottles or cans.
  • Standard selection of 40 items (8 drinks and 32 pastry, crisps, confectionery or chocolate choices).
  • Standard capacity (Total: 392, Crisps: 48, Confectionery: 312, Drinks: 32).
  • Excellent point of sale display is certain to attract more attention and sales in any location.
  • Energy efficient, bright LED lighting lasts up to 50,000 hours, displaying your items brilliantly.
  • Option: Custom coil configurations available.
Drink selection 8
Standard snack/confectionery selection 32
Maximum selection 48
Standard selection 40
Standard Capacity Total: 392, Crisps: 48, Confectionery: 312, Drinks: 32
Pricing Easy-Change Scroll Pricing
Lighting Energy efficient LED lighting system standard
Customer Display 20 character, 2-line programmable
Dimensions (w x h x d) 890 x 1840 x 730 mm
Weight 298 Kg

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