1066 Auto

A 10 option In-cup vending machine

A vending machine with up to 680 hot drinks for sale.

Great In-cup versatility.

1066 Auto In-cup vending machine

The popular 1066 Auto is a high capacity machine providing a large drink choice. With a user friendly selection system, this semi automatic machine can provide a great way of supplying hot drinks.

The 1066 Auto provides a large drink choice and its high capacity of up to 680 hot drinks means that it will keep going when others demand refilling.

  • This superb table top machine offers 10 delicious In-Cup drinks and an astonishing capacity of up to 680 cups
  • Or a total capacity of up to 410 sealed cup drinks
  • Water selection can be programmed to provide free on demand, one touch automatic, or part cup ('espresso') variant
  • Individual drink pricing
  • User friendly push button system
  • Indicator lights guide the user through every step of making their chosen drink
  • Hot water as standard, ambient and refrigerated cold water option available
  • Convenient internal stir stick dispenser
  • Electronically controlled internal sugar dispenser
  • Available as a free vend machine or fitted with full electronic coin mechanism
  • The coin mechanism on the 1066 Auto can be used to operate the IceBreak or SnackBreak Mini if desired
  • High security cup door mechanism
  • Option: Matching base cabinet providing large and convenient storage space and converting machine to floor standing
  • Option: Chiller module for refrigerated cold water
  • Option: High quality water filtration system for optimum drink quality
  • Option: Water pump for superior drink mixing (highly recommended)
  • Option: Water connection hose
  • Compatible machines include:
  • Waterboy chilled water dispenser
  • Icebreak can vending machine
  • Snackbreak Mini snack vending machine
  • I-KEY cashless payment system
Selections 10
In-Cup (73mm) 68 per selection = 680 cups total
Sealed Cups (73mm) 41 per selection = 410 cups total
Sugar Pre-packed bottle (1 litre) or large refillable jar (1.8 litres)
Dimensions (w x h x d)
Machine 780 x 930 x 440mm
Machine & Cabinet 780 x 1640 x 620mm
Machine 59 Kg
Machine with chiller 70 Kg

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