Aroma Compact SE 200

Professional Barista Espresso Machine

The Aroma Compact SE 200 has the same advanced technology of the Aroma Line transferred into a more compact housing, delivering professional performance while occupying only a small amount of space. The SE 200 is equipped with 10 choices, electronic pre-brewing and electronically adjustable servings.

Aroma Compact SE 200 Professional Barista Espresso Machine

This compact Aroma professional machine is perfect for small spaces but with the high technology of the Aroma range. Producing up to 300 cups of coffee an hour. This 2 group machine combines a hot water tap to a 4.9L capacity copper boiler and 10 coffee selections.

The brew group is pre heated using a heating element allowing the machine to keep the correct temperature whether brewing coffee or not, thus ensuring the first coffee of the day is served at the perfect temperature.

  • 2 group
  • Electronic pre-brewing
  • Electronic adjustable servings
  • Hot water wand
  • Steam wand
  • Water boiler visual gauge
  • Boiler automatic filling
  • Main switch with 3 positions – full power, reduced power and energy saving mode for electric heating
  • Internal balanced motor pump
  • Autonomously pre-heated brewing group with adjustable temperature maintains the perfect temperature for any sort of coffee beans independent of how long the machine has not been used
  • Double pre-brewing system: mechanical only, or mechanical and electronic
  • Teflon-coated volumetric meter and cold nozzle with T.E.A.treatment to prevent lime scale
  • Accessories: Water softener
Structural specifications
Dimensions (w x h x d) 570 x 540 x 560 mm
Weight 48 kg
Framework material Tropicalized steel
Housing material ABS/stainless steel/painted steel
Electrical specifications  
Power supply 230-240 V/50-60 Hz
Electric heating at maximum power 3200 W
Electric heating at reduced power 2200 W
Pre-warming cup surface (240V~) 110 W
Water specifications  
Boiler capacity 4.9 ltr
Boiler material Copper
Autonomously heated chrome-brass units 2
Stainless steel hot water wand 1
Water connection 3/8“ (1-8 bar)
Other specifications  
Number of selections 10
Steam production/hour 2.56 kg
Hot water production/hour (150 cc cup) 120
Coffee preparations/hour (30 cc cup in 25-30") 300

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