A 8 option Espresso & hot drink vending machine

A versatile office or workplace machine.

Up to 195 cup capacity.

Rubino Espresso & hot drink vending machine

The Rubino is a fantastic automatic table-top coffee vending machine suitable for small or large spaces. Using the Saeco TTT-TwinTasteTech brewing system, the machine supports both high-pressure espresso brews and paperless low-pressure coffee brews.

As a highly efficient automatic system that reduces maintenance and preparation times, holds a maximum of 195 cups and offers eight different beverage choices, the Rubino is perfect for the office or workplace.

  • Espresso brewing
  • Simple 8-button keypad selections and a 2-line, 20-character alphanumeric display
  • Paperless fresh brew and/or espresso coffee dispensing from ground coffee or coffee beans thanks to Saeco TwinTasteTech brewing unit
  • Fully automatic stirrers and milk and sugar dispensers
  • Capacity of 195 cups (h 70 mm)
  • 2 sugar pre-selection keys
  • 2 pre-selection keys with decaffeinated and no-cup options
  • Supports optional standard cabinet and for-payment cabinet
  • Automatically dispenses cups, sugar and stirrers or set to No Cup option
  • Compatible with all industry standard payment systems
  • Option: Cabinet with height-adjustable feet
  • Option: Cabinet with height-adjustable feet suitable for changegiver
  • Option: Independent water tank kit
  • Option: Timekeeper kit
  • Option: Mixer kit for tea spiral replacement with decaffeinated/barley
  • Option: Validator kit
  • Option: 5-button keypad kit
  • Option: Memory key to copy and quickly transfer machine settings
  • Option: Eva-Dts kit
Selections 8
Cups 70 or 73 mm
Total (70mm) 195
Dimensions (w x h x d)
Machine 410 x 765 x 535mm
Cabinet 410 x 810 x 550 mm
Machine 46 Kg
Cabinet 23 Kg

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