A 16 option Espresso & hot drink vending machine

A great machine for the office or workplace.

Up to 550 cup capacity.

Cristallo Espresso & hot drink vending machine

The Cristallo is a completely automatic vending machine with high performance and a fantastic range of drinks designed to ensure the best quality espresso and to reduce maintenance and service, the machine provides a great option for the toughest environment.

Technologically advanced and extremely user-friendly, the Cristallo offers up to 16 different beverages.

In addition to the Espresso model, the TTT version with the new Saeco TwinTasteTech brewing unit that allows the dispensing of both paperless fresh brew coffee and espresso coffee without any software or mechanical presetting.

  • Direct access 16-button keypad for beverage selection
  • Automatically dispenses cups, sugar and stirrers
  • Saeco Brewing Unit with new pre-heating system Saeco Power Boost: top quality espresso from the first dispensing
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Espresso model or fresh brew/espresso coffee dispensing from ground coffee or coffee beans with Saeco TTT TwinTasteTech brewing unit
  • Ability to install 3 payment systems on the door at the same time (Saeco 3 Way Pay)
  • Easy maintenance thanks to the standard 5-button keypad
  • Compatible with the new Saeco Easy Dry powder dispensing system
  • Customisable settings
  • Option: Independent water tank kit
  • Option: Timekeeper kit
  • Option: Mixer kit for tea spiral replacement with decaffeinated/barley
  • Option: Hot water solenoid valve kit
  • Option: Validator kit
  • Option: Electromechanical pulse counter kit
  • Option: Cristallo 600 Master transformation kit
  • Option: Memory key to copy and quickly transfer machine settings
  • Option: Eva-Dts kit
Selections 16
Cups 70 or 73mm
Total 550 (70mm)
Dimensions (w x h x d)
Machine 577 x 1830 x 600 mm
Machine 105 Kg

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