Chilled Water Dispenser

POU Brita™ filtered water cooler

A full size Brita™ filtered water dispenser.

Iceberg Chilled water dispenser

This IceBerg is a versatile, full-size point of use water dispenser, providing ambient, chilled or even carbonated (sparkling) water from Brita™, the market leader in water filter technology.

Up to 4 additional flavourings can be added to the dispensed drink, the IceBerg superbly compliments a hot beverage provision in the workplace or is equally as competent as a stand alone point of use system in a sports centre or gymnasium.

The IceBerg serves exceptionally high quality, Brita™filtered water that users will simply love.

  • Ambient, chilled and carbonated options available
  • Huge 700 cup capacity internal
  • Fully automatic cup dispenser
  • Brita™ AquaQUELL 1.5 filter cartridge and head fitted as standard
  • Compatible with paper or plastic cups, including larger sizes
  • Fully automatic
  • Large, highly polished stainless steel delivery station with superb feature lighting effect
  • Available as a free vend machine, fitted with a full electronic coin mechanism which accepts all coins plus token and can even be fitted with a full change-giving facility if required
  • Option: Chiller - 'Ice Bank' type chiller providing high capacity to maintain delivery of cold drinks
  • Option: Cooler/Carbonator - provides carbonation for deliciously refreshing fizzy cold drinks
  • Option: UV sterilisation system - for additional water quality
  • Option: Equally as competent as a stand alone solution - can even be fitted with its own payment system including full change-giving facility if required
  • Compatible machines
  • Refresh 1400 drinks vending machine
  • Milano drinks vending machine
  • Snackbreak snack and drinks vending machine
Dimensions (w x h x d) 450 x 1850 x 655mm
Machine 105 Kg
Machine fitted with chiller 116 Kg
Machine fitted with cooler/carbonator 118 Kg

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